Unnatural Disasters


Floods. Earthquakes. Tornados. Asteroids. Nature can be vicious. But when you combine natural disasters with the very unnatural imaginations of the authors in this collection, you get terrors worse than anything Mother Nature has ever thrown at us, forays into nightmarish worlds that make a hurricane look like a light summer breeze.

Join Scott Nicholson, William Meikle, Daniel Pyle, Robert J. Duperre, Danielle Bourdon, Keith Gouveia, Ruth Francisco, J.A. Titus, and Robin Morris for nine horrific tales that will leave you cringing, gasping, and so scared of the outdoors you’ll never want to leave your house again.

Table of Contents:

“39 Days”—Robert J. Duperre

“The Meek”—Scott Nicholson

“Sourdough”—Ruth Francisco

“Rickman’s Plasma”—William Meikle

“Twist”—Daniel Pyle

“Wild Release”—Keith Gouveia

“Whiteout”—Danielle Bourdon

“Resurrecting Eve”—J.A. Titus

“Narobrian Afternoon”—Robin Morris