An evil Santa skulking through the shadows. A snowman with a taste for blood. Terrorized children who will never look at presents the same way again. This collection includes 24 twisted holiday tales and a bonus novella that explores the dark side of wintering in the tropics. Treat yourself to a daily helping of horror with stories that will leave you wondering whether Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year…

Table of Contents

  • “The Ceremony”
  • “The Line”
  • “Too Much Christmas”
  • “Last Christmas”
  • “Secret Santa”
  • “The Bear”
  • “Dear Santa”
  • “Something New”
  • “Red & Green”
  • “Bylaws”
  • “Ornaments”
  • “Origin”
  • “The Snowman”
  • “White Christmas”
  • “Questions”
  • “The Beard”
  • “World’s Best Dad”
  • “Into the Stars”
  • “Delivery”
  • “Depths”
  • “Santa’s Little Helper”
  • “Trenches”
  • “Once Bitten”
  • “The Ceremony”
  • Snowbirds (a novella)

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What they’re saying about Advent:

“Daniel Pyle is a master at crafting tales that leave a mark. You may want to look away from the carnage…but you won’t. You know you won’t…”

—Michael Crane, author of Lessons and Giggles